Smart industry: building the connected factory


    Digital transformation of industry means a major impact on the entire organization, from product design to manufacturing delivery performance in an integrated supply chain.

    Smart industry issues

    This deep and structural transformation also means a more flexible and efficient factory with many challenges to cope with:

    • Strengthened coordination between man and machinery,

    • Increased connectivity and safer production processes,

    • Cost and process optimization,

    • Better energy performance,

    • Better control of waste recycling,

    • Real-time inventory and better supply chain management,

    • Added value product offering to the final customer,

    • …

    M2AiM Solutions


    To meet these challenging issues, M2AiM offers a full range of solutions to answer the specific needs of industrial stakeholders, promoting the rise of a connected, more efficient factory:

    • Complete turnkey systems to deploy and operate communication networks,

    • Benefit analysis of preventive actions,

    • Predictive failure analysis,

    • Solutions to keep production system in optimal operational condition,

    • Identification and resolution of malfunctions in the assembly line,

    • Better feedback from production lines,

    • Improvement in flow management system,

    • Wider area multi-site connectivity,

    • Interface management based upon multi-technology solutions,

    • Positioning information,

    •  …