New technology in support of smart cities

    Smart Grids: Illustration Stromnetz

    Digital transformation affects whole segments of society; such as urban landscape.

    The number of projects under development for the smart city is growing at an accelerated pace thanks to the new technologies: easier access to data, better connectivity, better information systems integration.


    New challenges for smart cities

    Thanks to the the internet of things, technology and innovation are at the core of the main missions of the city towards its constituents.

    Cities must guarantee adequate living conditions to all citizens in terms of quality of life, security, energy consumption, transport and key information.

    M2AiM Solutions

    M2AiM Solutions

    Our solutions provide real answers to the city’s operators.

    Our ecosystem of certified and integrated sensors operates in different areas such as:

    • Management of water, gas and electricity networks,

    • Performance measurement of environmental indicators: temperature, humidity, air quality,

    • Security of both people and goods, geolocation, alarm generation,

    • Dynamic lighting control systems,

    • Urban traffic management and control systems: traffic lights, traffic jams,

    • Waste collection.