Smart building, a tremendous challenge for society

    bâtiment intelligent

    Intelligent building needs to address a major issue. The energy performance of buildings accounts for around 40% of total energy consumption. And various studies evaluate an energy waste for up to 50%. The main objective for property owners is to optimize their energy bills in view of the rising costs of energy.


    Key issues for intelligent buildings

    To go ahead with smart building becomes a necessity for both public and private operators in search of higher performance in managing, maintaining and operating real estate as well as for urban populations particularly concerned to protect their quality of life and to reduce their energy costs.

    M2AiM Solutions


    M2AiM answers to all these needs. We bring support through LPWA technology for all types of buildings: commercial, administrative and private held.

    With M2AiM data collection and analysis, managers can monitor and control all building systems, beyond energy sources optimisation:

    • Heating system,

    • Ventilation, air conditioning, indoor air quality,

    • Lighting,

    • Security of premises,

    •  …