Smart agriculture: digital transformation in the agriculture industry

    agriculture connectée

    Climate change, threats to biodiversity, eco-friendly production requirement… These are all factors that have significant impacts for the agricultural industry. The challenge to feed a growing population of more than 7 billion people in the world is tremendous for this industry.

    If process management in computerized and automation systems brought satisfactory answers over the course of the past decades, this is no longer sufficient.


    Smart agriculture issues

    Internet of things new technologies are a means to bring practical and scalable solutions to answer 2 major issues:

    • Enhancing agricultural production and productivity as a way to produce more and better,

    • Promoting sustainable patterns of production to limit greenhouse gases.

    There is large potential for IoT in developing agricultural sector and especially in the food production area.

    Large-scale standalone wireless sensor network, coupled with data analysis, enable farmers to raise output and margin, reduce their costs while reducing wastes and pollution.

    M2AiM Solutions


    We offer cost effective solutions for ‘not-spot’ and constantly dropped calls areas.

    Our LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technologies, specific and dedicated to smart agriculture applications, provide answers to farmers:

    •  Soil and water quality monitoring,

    •  Management of irrigation systems,

    •  Prevention of freezing risk,

    •  Control of animal health,


    Young landowner with laptop supervising work on farmland, tractor plowing in background