M2AiM partnerships: a full access to a global network of experts.

    We carefully select Hardware and Software from IoT/M2M best in class partners, offering tailored solutions to our Clients. M2AiM, as unique point of contact ensures the leanest organisation to his Clients.

    Solutions Scheme

    Sensors Manufacturers

    To allow a full coverage of usages, M2AiM works with all certified SIM-based and SIM-less sensors manufacturers.

    This is how M2AiM has a direct access to the sensors manufacturers, allowing high reactivity and access to the best expertise level.


    Public Network Providers

    Our systems use the best connectivity adapted to the case: GPRS, SMS, 3G, as well LPWA as UNB or LoRa®.

    M2AiM has tested and valided the National and International Network Providers solutions. M2AiM, provides GPRS and 3G connectivity with more than 180 countries coverage.


    Gateway Suppliers

    To respond to the need of rollout and operation of the dedicated RF infrastructures, M2AiM’s solutions are able to cover private campus or plants. M2AiM uses certified indoor & outdoor gateway. LoRaWAN® technology is part of the several technologies used.