M2AiM connectivity to meet the challenges of e-health development

    L'e-santé se développe

    E-health will continue to develop in the years ahead. The reasons for this new approach, mainly structural, are widespread and various:

    • Demographic criteria: population with increased longevity thanks to significant medical improvements and healthier lifestyles but also an increase in the onset of chronic diseases,

    • Economic criteria: reinforced control of healthcare expenditures while preserving the health and well-being of population.


    New challenges for e-health

    It’s an absolute necessity to rethink health services in order to achieve good quality of healthcare for the population at yet predictable costs. Thanks to its many applications, e-health comes in response to this key priority: to sustain the quality of the healthcare system while strengthening the interaction between healthcare professionals and the population.

    M2AiM Solutions

    M2AiM Solutions

    M2AiM, specialist of the internet of things, provides a full set of innovative solutions at different levels:

    • Risk prevention processes through remote monitoring: physical activity evaluation, set for measuring vital parameters,

    • Home treatments and follow-up: connected tablet organizer, appliance for detecting when persons have had a fall, requests for assistance,

    • Security of people: geolocation and geofencing for patients suffering from neurodegeneration,


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